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A non-profit organization dedicated to dental education on all levels  


The NHAD Endowed Scholarship was established in 1992 at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry for the purpose of rewarding students who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Professionalism, leadership, strong ethics, and good communication skills;
  • Excellence in the art of dentistry and the ability to convey that superior quality to others;
  • A noteworthy academic and volunteer work record;
  • Substantial financial need and a demonstration that the student has made a concerted effort to assist himself or herself.

The three finalists, selected by the scholarship committee, deliver a ten-minute presentation at the November meeting. Academy members evaluate each presentation and vote to determine the winner, and the awards are formally presented at the December meeting.

The winner receives $10,000 and the two finalists $1,000 each.  Also, the winner is awarded a one-year membership in the Academy, which is the real reward as it provides the recipient the extraordinary educational and mentoring opportunities this unique organization offers.


2011 — Kevin J. Yen
2010 — Susan Poorsattar
2009 — Sunjay Lad
2008 — Andres Martinez
2007 — Shyam Krishnan
2006 — Ilya Mironov
2005 — Sookhyun Kim
2004 — Richard Boerner
2003 — Michael Forde
2002 — Sajid Jivraj
2001 — Thomas Ying
2000 — Carol Lam
1999 — James Klusmier
1998 — Robert Wright
1997 — Mark Wong
1996 — Carla Thomas
1995 — Ly Ho
1994 — Adel Tawfilis
1993 — Kristina Wiley
1992 — Steven Gold